Tips for losing weight with Orlistat HEXAL® 60 mg

Set a realistic goal

Who hasn’t experienced this before – half-hearted diet resolutions that are broken after a few days because it “won’t help anyway”. The problem is often that the desire for a more streamlined silhouette is worded far too vaguely. This makes it more difficult to keep going. Because without a concrete goal, you are like a ship without a rudder; and this also applies to losing weight. Therefore, grab a pencil and paper right away and formulate your goals.

  • Write down your target weight. Losing about 5 to 10% of your starting weight is realistic and at the same time ambitious. With a body weight of 90 kilograms, this represents 4.5 to 9 kilograms.
  • Think in stages. Every week, about half a kilo less on the scales – that is possible and represents a healthy drop in weight. Note that crash diets easily deteriorate into that well-known yo-yo effect.
  • What do you associate with your target weight? Use the power of images: Imagine how you will look when you have reached your target weight. Maybe there are photos of you in more streamlined times that motivate you? Which trousers or which dress will fit you once again?

Hang your notes somewhere really visible – on the bathroom mirror, for example.

Approximately 500 kcal less per day

So that you can achieve your goal, you should determine from the beginning how many calories you consume daily. What many people don’t know is that, to achieve long-term success, it is sufficient to consume only 500 kcal fewer per day than you need to maintain your current weight. For example, this calorie amount is contained in 100 grams of crisps or a chocolate bar. Learn more

Often, it is those hidden calories or too large portions that keep the scales stuck on your weight.


Tip: With a nutrition plan, you can ambush those secret fattening foods. Keep a diary for a week of exactly what you eat and drink every day – also snacks and drinks in between.

Lose weight more effectively with Orlistat HEXAL® 60 mg

Orlistat HEXAL® 60 mg is a prescription-free medicinal product used to support weight reduction. It helps you to lose up to 50% more weight than with a diet alone.

Orlistat HEXAL® 60 mg

  1. Reduces fat absorption by approximately one quarter.
  2. Decreases calorie intake.
  3. Accelerates the diet effect.

The active substance orlistat that it contains is a lipase inhibitor (fat blocker). It inhibits the special enzymes in the gastrointestinal tract that are responsible for the splitting of dietary fats. This means that about a quarter of the fat from your food is not absorbed by your body – so you absorb fewer calories and the effect of your diet is accelerated.

Avoid fat traps

A bit of butter or cream – and food tastes particularly delicious. No doubt about it, fats are important taste enhancers. And our body also needs fat in certain quantities. The problem is that fats are real heavyweights with regard to their energy content. They contain more than twice as many calories as the same quantity of carbohydrates or proteins. If you want to lose weight, you should keep your fat intake in mind. You can find practical tips about cutting down on fat here: Low-fat diet – this is how it’s even easier


Good to know: When losing weight with Orlistat HEXAL® 60 mg, a reduction in fat intake is important in addition for another reason. Because if too much fat is absorbed, it can lead to dietary symptoms such as bloating and the sudden urge to defecate. This is related to the mechanism of action of the capsules, which leads to the excretion of increased fat from the body. If such symptoms occur, this can be a sign that the fat proportion of a meal was too high.

Focus on more exercise

The fact that sport helps you lose weight is a truism. Many people, however, are not aware of how important this “trigger” is and how much you can achieve with regular exercise. What is a fact is that, if you take regular exercise, you will benefit in more than one aspect regarding losing weight! A healthy mix of endurance sports and weight training is important. The body burns calories when walking, cycling or swimming. In order to successfully lose weight, it is recommended not only that you should eat less, but also that you should increase your exercise regime. Apart from endurance, you should also exercise your muscles. Because muscle mass uses a lot of energy – not only when it is moved, but also when resting! So, if you build up muscle in your body, you are effectively adding additional “ovens”, which constantly “burn” calories, even when you are sitting on the sofa. That is a delightful thought, isn’t it?

If you have not played any sport for a long time or you are chronically ill, you should ask your doctor before starting training.

Measure and maintain your success

You have set a goal – now it is about getting closer to it. You should regularly check whether you are on the right track and you’re shedding those pounds. Always weigh yourself at the same time of day – it would be best if only in your underwear. But also measure your abdominal circumference as well. Because you can track whether and how fast your unattractive love handles are melting. Perhaps you will soon fit into your favourite trousers or a beautiful dress? These are the small successes that help you to continue to implement your project as consistently as possible.

But even if it doesn’t always work so well, stay positive – because it is worthwhile overcoming the difficult phases of a diet! Please read the tips and tricks that can help you here

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Lose weight more effectively with Orlistat HEXAL® 60 mg:
Lose up to 50% more weight than with a diet alone

The medicine with the triple effect

  1. Reduces fat absorption from foods by approximately one quarter
  2. Decreases calorie intake
  3. Accelerates the diet effect

info Orlistat is the only active substance recommended as supporting treatment for obesity.1

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